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How Long Gone is a bi-coastal elite podcast from old friends and podcast professionals, Chris Black and Jason Stewart. CB and TJ deliver their takes on pop culture, fashion, music, and more. General: gone howlonggone. Chris and Jason chat with Rio about installing a hammock inside her apartment, explore- fitness, how the quar is effecting our skincare and wellness routines, a little Dua Lipa gushing, and some tips on how to stay moist and healthy. Contact General: gone howlonggone. Website Spevack Loeb. All episodes — We chat about dog peeing on my bed, having an allergic reaction to the giant Reeces peanut butter cups, eyedrop addiction, Chris hating Halloween but hating Thanksgiving, even more, a legendary Uber we took in Denver, we went to a restaurant that TJ actually enjoyed, the filmography of Clint Eastwood, finally saw the Bourdain documentary, what the future holds for Alec Baldwin, and we try to figure out what exactly is the thing that Pete Davidson possesses that allows his impressive body count.

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We start off insulting each other at length but make sure you stick around to the end, it gets good. She lives in Pasadena but spoke with us from her parent's home in New York.

Viera West FL Sluts

The audio quality sounds liveit's unedited, and I get exponentially sloppy throughout the episode. Special thanks to our sponsors; Anchor, Woolrich, and Timberland.

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His new book Major Labels is out now. Austin and Sean from the band zoomed-in from rural Pennsylvania and Brooklyn. His debut novel Cherry was written on a typewriter from prison while serving time for bank robbery. His new book Springer Mountain is out now. We chat about swollen testicles, witchcraft, Din Tai Fung, why Toure believes he should be asking the questions and not answering them, what makes a good question asker, too many people getting podcasts, Toure shames us for not having college degrees, the stand-up comedy greats, Toure tells us multiple Borscht Belt style jokes, the US Open recap, keeping the calves loose, Fort Greene vs East Village, and we end on a rap battle.

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She is from Texas and is currently living in New York. We chat about Met Gala hits and misses, Chris' celeb-packed afternoon, TJ hitting the Virgil x Carbone activation, gender-neutral branding, preferring your life partner to live thousands of miles away because you work a lot, adult body acne, how to get men to buy this shit, sorority life in Texas, the responsibilities of a founder's personal life, fungal issues, using Reddit as a focus group, we debate the bed's top sheet, Grime's sword, and why on earth she would start a podcast.

Chow, trouble with the credit card swiper at the movie theater, salad tossing issues, Donda catches a few more strays, and CB has a new holistic patch treatment.

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We chat about her parents' thoughts on moving to LA, teaching kids, her favorite pizza spot in NY, the top 5 Dominican restaurants in West Hollywood, Yankees, Mets, her wet jumper, the beautiful dance of jiu-jitsu, "white mess" as her favorite cinematic theme, a clarification of "homie height" for our shorter listeners, playing stadiums in Brazil, failing her driver's test, and what her tiny ear canals might mean for the future of her in-ear monitors. Daulerio A. Daulerio is a writer and the former editor of Gawker and Depin.

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We chat about our whole-milk agenda finally reaching the mainstream, both by its consumption by hot girls, as well as the stacking of their crates to be walked upon. We chat with Nate about sausage and peppers, Fat Bastard trending, MTN Dew alcohol, Nate moving back home with his parents in San Diego, investing all of his income and having zero money in the bank, major labels vs indie labels, video game soundtrack paper, learning about real estate from Gza and Killer Mike, having a fucked up back, Clippers box seats, remixing Sopranos episodes into Chicago House songs on Patreon, getting interviewed on acid at Lollapalooza, Opening for Daft Punk and Blinkand Nate gives us some tips on tour life as we embark on our maiden voyage.

We chat about our exciting podcast news, typing, Evan Dando, some Hot Pod newsletters, scented soaps affecting the palate, the sea urchin of Hokkaido, writers not making a ton of money, La Guardia airport water feature, the celebrity tunnel at LAX, tennis talk, Tarheel hoops, mixing the espresso with the Diet Coke, a good honest ham sandwich, the finest bean and cheese burritos of LA, and what it was like to interview Roger Federer in Switzerland.

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We chat about Skoal, the kings of New York, DaBaby ruining his career, London weather, meditation, dealing with freelance life, going to school abroad in North Carolina, a full Love Island breakdown, British slang, bodycon fashion, current season Jacquemus, Chris not trying on shoes, interviewing Dua and Billie, feedback loops and algorithms, Chiropractor Tik Tok, ketamine therapy, and how many stone the weighted blanket is.

We chat about Chris misplacing something important, drinkable THC, astrological charts, sipping cold ones and drumming like no one is watching, family boundaries, the evolution of Pride, Britney Spears' conservatorship, Avril making her gay, the Lady Gaga boat, and what Whembley's up to at Them. We chat about feeling insane at the mall, Jimmy John's review, Wiz Khalifa's early work, where we all live in New York, t custody of Peter's cool dog, DJ AM, what exactly Pete did on his album, Pete starting Joe Budden's pod, making a case for Patreon, why he can't wear chains, Jake Paul, white rappers, Pete taking a cold hard look at himself in the mirror, why everyone hates G-Eazy, a full white rapper rundown, yeah its basically all about white rappers.

His new film North Hollywood is out now. He spoke with us from his safe house in Palm Springs. We chat about her brand new jardin, inheriting one of our Nalgene bottles from a stranger, swimming against the current, our mutual love of Brynn Wallner, her time in Florida, how she spent 3 days at Berghain, why her mom subscribes to her OnlyFans, her newfound life as a stuff seller, reaching the absolute bottom of what trolls can do to you, therapy, why we are cool, and Caroline asks us a few questions.

We chat about UK lockdowns, dressing for the countryside, his love affair with New York, a masterclass on LA festival fashion, why everything is like DJing, knowing when a tune has been rinsed, abusing the cue button, his whip game, Erewhon, and his stance on Oasis vs Blur.

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He's an investor and advisor for many others. We chat about infrared saunas, walking across New York, keeping a short haircut, why a Hermes saddle makes the perfect gift, growing up in The Bronx, our favorite malls in America, buying clothes and keeping them forever, what it takes for a clothing store to turn him on, how Steve Jobs got him to the board at Apple, his favorite cars through the years, and how Chris plans to follow Mickey in his footsteps.

We want to personally thank each and every one of you who have stuck with us from day one, bought a t-shirt, coffee, or told a friend about us. Her debut novel, Fake s, is out now. We chat about Mr Potato Head, furry Prada invitations, the fall of quilted garments, influencer marketing, making double-masks fashion, men in skirts, listening to Bright Eyes and crying in your car, lo-fi techno to study to, and what to do when twitter takes your blue check away.

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We chat about living in Topanga Canyon, being a disciple of Jonathan Gold, trying to get NOFX to his 6 string bass, being in a 3rd wave ska band that toured on bicycles and played nudist festivals, night surfing, why Texas is a little slice of heaven on earth, an day campfire music festival which Buck has attended every year since he was 15, setting the intention of never compromising his music no matter what, how Big Thief writes their songs, their inspiring effortlessness, why playing smaller shows is more emotionally taxing than festivals and the importance of always making music for yourself above all.

We both love the pod and are excited to link up sans paywall. We chat about Chris touching down at LAX, Keto diets, classic rock, Red Lobster, minivans, birthday crabs, The Wire, getting out of control on drugs, other people moving out of California, legacy podcasters, and saying F. We chat about loosening restrictions, our parents getting vaccinated, a Nashville scene report, walking the line between heavy and light music, making the leap from a van to the bus, why being a preschool teacher is the perfect job for a touring musician, selling out, the benefits of having champions in your corner, sideburns, Paul Frank, and how he's recovering from a motorcycle accident that forced him to relearn how to play guitar again.

The Standard Hotel Hollywood, the future of nightlife, Cash App, and some hints about an upcoming guest this week.

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Happy MLK Day! Chris and Jason chat with him about the recent passing of his ex-wife, sobriety, being both a musician and a music critic, the importance of our loved ones pushing us further, writing his memoir, mixtapes, streaming music, Substack, and why he loves New York.

Note from TJ: Nick recorded this podcast from his bathroom while hiding from his beautiful family, so please excuse the echo, that being said this was one of my favorite conversations we've had and well worth listening to. He just had a baby and is currently living in New York.

We chat about our holiday vacation plans, child face-masks, shopping addictions, smoothie ingredients, vegan detox retreats, liquid amino scandals, brutalist smoking patios, the pains of Berlin, the freedom of podcasting, what it's like running Highsnobiety, the benefit of restraints, and whether or not Thom should keep a ponytail.

We chat about his love of Japan, his whips, guitar-shredding, Nirvana, puppy preschool, taking mushrooms in college, how to make tadig, and what it's like performing on SNL with Paul Simon in the crowd. We chat about the election, growing up taller than TJ, getting hit in the nuts by KG, grown man whip game, the wine business, how to manage your money as a ballplayer, NBA fashion through the years, and how to get buff. Thanks to each and every one of you for listening, we really do love you.

Sexy Unique Podcast as well as Saving Sex and the City 3, a podcast dedicated to reimagining what might happen on the film that never was. Trevor also happens to be old friends of ours, and we chat about our milestone episode, caffeine intakes and how it affects our sleep, Trevor working for Kanye, digital currency, the salad days of Silverlake, media training, moving to Oklahoma, and we get some tips on investing in our future.

We chat about Presidential merch, CB being stressed out by corniness, the ins, and outs of fly fishing fashion, wading in the waters of Patagonia, the importance of a tailor, pajamas, NYC power lunches, and some Chateau Marmont hacks. Any technical difficulties will be forgiven when you hear us chat about puffer coats, COPS, growing our hair back, Serbian cuisine, Mexico City scene report, hot guys selling burrata, the erasure of icons, why Ikea is cool, Bushwick Birkins, fake Cartier, and how we can be better storytellers for brands. We chat about our twitch show, the Presidential debates, growing up as an NYC punk, Yale life, covering Ghislane Maxwell, selling for The New Yorker, the corrections department at the failing New York Times, the eternal death of criticism, learning how to drive, and Matthew's menu for the holy day of Yom Kippur.

We discuss what the EDM equivalent to Trump and Biden are, Bay Area founder fashion, almost getting in a car accident with Travis Scott at the wheel, why Drake picked out his Calabasas mansion, the pros and cons of newsletter writing vs traditional media, and a peek behind the scenes of Blackbird Spyplane. He spent years at The Fader, wrote for Vulture, and does a newsletter in addition to his fruitful work with brands. Jason was off the grid for this episode, but checks in for a Sedona mushroom scene report. Reillyfinding creativity on walks, feeling bad for Quibi, and missing when people were more angry.

Justin Gage is the founder of Aquarium Drunkard, an online destination for music he. We chat about weekend getaways, people walking around barefoot, WFH camping, what vitamins we take, the glow of celebrities, and the booming DTC air conditioner marketplace. We chat about Jake Paul, green cards, Monocle Magazine, the rise of tennis in quarantine, the spectrum of professional sports, tennis hotties, gear, revenue streams for magazines inSoulCycle, and Caitlin guesses what racquets we play with.

Local Sluts near Viera West FL, USA

We chat about growing up in the south, his musical influences, skating, Tik Tok haters, some YouTube impressions, and the bittersweet experience releasing his first special right before covid hit. We chat about his journey to ing SNL, the new Taylor Swift record, relocating to LA, Harry Styles, dating as a comedian, searching your name on twitter, Ziwe, and a peek into his screenplay idea.

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We talk about Sqirl, Tesla, interviewing, procrastination, Detroit style pizza, Sweetgreen, dining al fresco, Vampire Weekend, cancellation, we answer your twitter questions, and discuss the marijuana strain "Cheetah Piss. Thanks to all our listeners for getting us to 50 episodes, wouldn't have done it without you.

We chat about Chris coming to LA, fighting people, mommy bloggers, frozen foods, the end of holidays, Nascar, the future of restaurants, her process of criticism, meat substitutes, emerging non-alcoholic spirits, and sobriety.

We chat about international travel, Henry Rollinsnewfound parenthood, our collective straight edge upbringing, the early FADER days, clothes for shorter folks, oversized boxer shorts, Kanye and The Gap, and the inner workings of the Pitchfork review process. We chat about cancelled comedians and podcasters, K-Pop stans sabotaging the Trump rally, the future of society, Joe Rogan saying masks are for bitches, J Cole, Live Nation, Chris moving to LA, and the revisionist history of bad music. He got his start as a reporter for MTV, and has always been an advocate for uniting people through stories and conversations.

We chat about scammers versus opportunists, celebrity donations, influencer cancellation, the fashion world's responsibility, restructuring our leadership, the All Karens Matter movement, and more.

Today we welcome Elise Loehnen, the chief content officer at Goop, and the cohost of their podcast with Gwyneth Paltrow. We chat about what is happening in America, how the definition of wellness has changed, how we can educate ourselves, and how brands and media outlets can use their platforms to the best of their ability right now.

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We chat about thermometer lasers, quar in Virginia, recording a record completely by yourself, dressing as a tall man, how to navigate movie and commercial syncs, teaching his kids the 1st grade, and more. We chat about his most recent episode with Nick Kroll and John Mulaney, success and being an asshole, tips on how to get famous people on our show, Pete Davidson, Padma Lakshmi, The Office, comedians that we hate, Patreon, and more.

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He lives in New York, but recorded today from his backyard on Shelter Island. Today we talk about gun control, death in the time of content, Chris Brown, Diplo, sobriety, Chris released another pod where he sings a song, manrepeller, documentaries, smoking cigars, poppers and cheesecake, smoking opium, why we might hate Hamilton, 69, listener questions, tennis, and more.

Chris and Jason basically spend an hour making fun of him, and being made fun of, by him.

Harris Today, we welcome Jeremy O. Harris to the pod. He was the creative director at Supreme for many years before founding his brand, Noah. We spoke with him about how the quar has affected his business and plans to open new stores in Los Angeles and Osaka, his philosophies on running, Thin Lizzy, raising a daughter while managing a clothing business from home, the future of how we are going to get out of this, and the importance of brick and mortar retail.

In addition to being the pop music critic for The New York Times, he's also the host of their excellent podcast about the same. We check in on life across the pond, and even his home renovation sounds interesting in the quar.

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Make sure you check out his brand new book, out now. We discuss our artwork change and progress towards becoming a legitimate podcast, some political correctness, the SNL from home episode, the future of content, boomerangs, and some stories from both of our early careers as club thots.

Local Sluts near Viera West FL, USA

Sorry about the issues with apple, we're waiting to come back online after some minor setbacks. If you already subscribe on apple, you should be fine.

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